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"The Stories We Never Tell is an anti-colonial orature project making visible the faith stories of AAPI Christian women against the backdrop of imperialism, white supremacy, and rising anti-Asian violence."

- Dr. Christine J. Hong

Traditional Korean Village

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Our stories. Our voices.
Our lives.

Why we share our stories

The Stories We Never Tell is an anti-colonial project weaving together the faith stories of AAPI women through the practice of shared orature or oral traditioning in the community. The project is grounded on anti-colonial commitments of co-learning and co-creation. The practice of orature, or oral traditioning, makes stories and shared experiences across differences visible. This orature project allows Asian and Asian North American women to share their stories as an act of anti-oppression through resistance and power. The transmission of their stories to one another back against frameworks and narratives of white supremacy, including orientalism, and the once again rising anti-Asian hate that disproportionately affects women's lives, even in the Church.

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